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Pricing information can be found under the Wedding or Motherhood tabs. Or feel free to message me directly for detailed pricing information.

What are your prices?

I am all about easy, simple, and convenient! I like to bring that philosophy into my business in every way I can, including in how I deliver your images. Your final images will be delivered in a private, password protected, online gallery. From that gallery you’ll be able to download your images, share directly to Facebook, and order prints and products!

How will I receive my images?

Yes! When you receive your final gallery you will also receive a printing and sharing release so that you can share and print your images.

Do I receive the rights to the images?

You can order prints right from your online gallery! You’ll receive step by step instructions when you receive your finished gallery, but if you need help at all, I’m always available to answer questions!

How do I order prints and products of my images?

I deliver the final images from your wedding or session in an online gallery. But I do have beautiful wooden USBs available for purchase.

Do you offer DVDs or USBs?

Yes, please! We regularly photograph weddings and sessions outside of the Eugene area, and are happy to travel throughout the PNW or beyond to help you celebrate this moment in your life. For information about travel costs, please get in touch!

Will you travel for my wedding or session?

Yes! Most of your gallery will be in color, but a select few will also be edited in black and white.

Will I receive images in b&W and color?

I don’t. The short answer is because I choose the best of the best for your gallery. The long answer is because it takes an incredible amount of time to sort through all the images to find the best ones. I take that responsibility on myself to sort out all the duplicates, eye blinks, awkward faces, and missed shots so that you don’t have to. And most of all so that what you receive when your gallery is finished is a complete product that is ready to be printed and displayed in your home.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

This is something I’m asked quite a bit, and as someone who loves to be in control of all aspects of everything, I totally get it! But giving out RAW files is never something that I do. As mentioned above, I want you to have a complete finished product at the end of your experience working with me! Raw files are incomplete images, half of the recipe. I do all the work and take the time to hand edit each and every image you receive so that you don’t have to. And I hope that you can put your trust in me as your photographer to choose the best moments, and to deliver the best finished product.

Can I have the raw files?

Yes!! Engagement sessions are some of my favorite sessions to photograph! It’s a perfect time for us to get to know each other and get used to working together. Which is why I include a complimentary engagement session in many of my wedding collections. If you’re not quite ready to book your wedding photographer but still want to book an engagement session, that’s okay! Get in touch and we can chat about scheduling an engagement session!

Do you do engagement sessions?

Yes! All of my wedding collections include a second photographer because I love capturing two perspectives of your wedding day. Most of the time my second photographer is my husband, Ted. If he isn’t available on your wedding date I’ll select a photographer from my network of local colleagues.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Absolutely, yes! I can provide verification for your venue if needed.

Do you have insurance?

At this time I only provide photography services. However, I would be happy to refer you to some talented videographers in your area.

Do you provide videography?

Wedding galleries are guaranteed complete 12 weeks from the date of your wedding. We give ourselves extra time because life happens, but we always try to deliver your gallery well before that deadline.

When will my wedding gallery be finished?

I guarantee 35-50 images per hour of shooting. For an 8 Hour wedding day you can expect at least 300-400 images.

How many images will I receive?

I haven't ever missed a wedding, and there are very few things, except maybe dying, that could keep me from photographing your wedding day. But rest assured that if any of those circumstances ever came up, I would draw upon my network of photographer friends, colleagues, and second shooters to find an exceptional replacement for your wedding day.

What happens if you get sick or injured and can’t photograph my wedding day?

Wedding albums are so dear to me, as it’s something I’ve always wished I had from my parent’s wedding. It’s your first family heirloom, and I’m so excited to be able to create one for you! As a courtesy to you, I predesign your wedding album and send it one week after your gallery is complete. After you’ve had a chance to look at your album design, we’ll work through one round of revisions and then send the final version off to print. After your album has been sent to print, it will be ready for delivery in about 4 weeks.

What is the album designing process like?

The best time to schedule your maternity session is when you’re 34 to 38 weeks pregnant! This is usually the time when your baby bump really pops, but isn’t late enough in your pregnancy that you’re feeling exhausted all the time.

When should I schedule my maternity session?

I love to do maternity sessions outdoors surrounded by beautiful nature. If there’s a specific place that has meaning to you, that you’d like to incorporate in your session, I would love to photograph you there! Otherwise, I can suggest a few locations that would be great for your session, depending on the look you’re going for.

Where will my session take place?

My absolute favorite thing for expecting mothers to wear to their maternity sessions is long flowing dresses! I always recommend finding clothing that shows off your bump, is comfortable, and gives a little bit of movement. If you’re stick on what to wear, feel free to message me or send me a photo of your outfit, I’d love to help!

What should I wear for my session?

Of course! A large part of your maternity session will be focused on capturing this part of your journey in motherhood. But I know that this pregnancy is also an special time for your family, and I would love to capture that for you as well.

Can I bring my husband/kids to my session?

Newborn sessions should be scheduled within the first two weeks after birth. This is the ideal time to capture all the newness of life with your little one.

When should I schedule my newborn session?

At your home! My main goal for documenting your newborn session is to capture all the little nuances of having a brand new baby in your family and in your home. Holding your newborn session in your home is an important factor in documenting this stage of your life with your new little one.

Where will my session take place?

I bring a very basic white muslin swaddle to every newborn session. If there are other props you’d like to include, feel free to have those ready at your session!

Do you bring props or wraps?

I don’t! For two reasons. The first is because I prefer a more natural, lifestyle approach to newborn photos. But the second reason is because newborn posing is a specific skill set and requires lots of knowledge and training on how to safely fold little sleeping humans into all those cute shapes. I take newborn safety very seriously and because I don’t have that training, I won’t even attempt to create those poses.

Do you do newborn posing?

I do! I don’t do them very often, but I would love to chat with you about scheduling one if it’s something you’re interested in!

Do you do fresh 48 sessions?

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