I don’t have to tell you how special your wedding day will be – you already know! You’ve chosen to take this exciting step forward in life, and it’s the culmination of all the moments the two of you have shared until now. It’s the start of the most beautiful life journey.

Ted and I have been there, and we get it! We know how special it is to look back on your wedding photos and remember all those happy-down-to-your-soul moments. The giddy ones - and the deep ones - that led you to choose each other.

Your wedding photography is so much more than documentation. It’s a preservation. An heirloom. A legacy that your family and future generations will treasure for many, many years to come! 

Because we know personally how special that is, we focus on capturing imagery that embodies the deep lasting emotions of your relationship. We want you to have images that truly represent who you are together! The kind of wedding images that will still give you all the feels when you look back in 5, 10, or 50 years.

We’re inspired by the romance of old world architecture, rococo style paintings, and classic literature. We use those fine art inspirations to capture organic moments, intimate details, and elegantly timeless images that emulate and invoke those same romantic feelings.

We believe wedding photography is deeply personal. We leave a bit of our soul in every photo we take - our own unique perspective of your love story and your wedding celebration. Our goal is not only to capture your day, but to tell your story, and to tell it beautifully, in a refined and artistic way.

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We want to provide you with a fulfilling experience, and we believe that starts with your wedding photography collection.

We keep it simple with an A La Carte menu
that gives you the opportunity to choose just the coverage, sessions, and heirlooms that you want, so that your wedding photography collection fits your needs perfectly. 

We believe your experience with us should be simple, uncomplicated

We love to work with couples who value lasting relationships, enjoy refined details, and aren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zones occasionally.

Our favorite client relationships are the ones that turn into friendships by the end of our experience together.

We want our clients to feel more like friends by the end of the night

We love the romantic quality of film, the je ne sais quoi that it possesses, and the detailed process of using it as a photography medium. But we also know the value of modern technology, so we bring both to every wedding.

We’ll choose our medium based on the available lighting and conditions of your wedding day, but no matter what, your final images will represent the light and romantic feel of film photography.

We're film hybrid photographers

Our work has been recognized and featured on these respected publications!


We love what we do, and we would be so honored to help preserve your wedding day memories!

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